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Toa Payoh West-Balestier

Mr Lim Cheng Aun, Ronald
Toa Payoh West Citizens'
Consultative Committee (CCC)
Mr Teo Seng Leong, Peter
Toa Payoh West Community
Club Management Committee (CCMC)

List of Residents' Committees in Toa Payoh West-Balestier Division

Toa Payoh East Zone 7 Blk 50 Lor 5 Toa Payoh #01-63 Singapore 310050

Toa Payoh Heights Blk 141 Lor 2 Toa Payoh #01-162 Singapore 310141

Toa Payoh View Blk 122 Lor 2 Toa Payoh Singapore 310122

Toa Payoh North Zone 1 Blk 202 Toa Payoh North #01-1087 Singapore 310202

Toa Payoh North Zone 2 Blk 207 Toa Payoh North #01-1259 Singapore 310207

The Peak Blk 138 Lor 1A Toa Payoh #01-01 Singapore 310138

Ah Hood Gardens Blk 106 Jalan Dasun #01-20 Singapore 320106