How much to pay for Service and Conservancy Charges?
When to pay for the Service and Conservancy Charges?
Modes of payment?
Can the payment of HDB rental charges/installments be paid at the Town Council offices?
Can payment of carpark fines and PUB bills be paid at Town Council?
Does TC send monthly invoices to residents?
Why? Telco and Power service providers do.
How can residents check their S&CC payment status?
The void deck tiles look fine. Why is the Town Council wasting money rescreeding it?
The lift lobby tiles look fine. Why are you wasting our money replacing them?
Why the need to re-construct the drains?
Why are your improvement works interrupted for a long while before you start work again?
You have poor timing in the execution of your projects. Why can't the LUP tie-in with the TC R&R to minimise inconvenience to the residents?
Why is my block repainted in such an awful colour, and why are we not consulted?
If residents would like to use the void deck, badminton court or basketball court for any functions, who should they contact?
If there are bulky items that need removal, can the Town Council help?
If TV reception is not clear, what should residents do?
Can residents purchase season parking coupons from the Town Council?